Will John

Will is an accomplished soccer player who currently plays in Europe. He was a part of the U-14, U-16 Youth National Teams as well as the U.S. Under-20 team at the 2005 World Youth Championship. Will tallied 10 goals in 24 appearances for the U-20 National Team. He is eligible for selection by both the Nigerian and US National teams. Will's father and uncle both played for the Nigerian national team and Will has aspirations to follow in their footsteps. Will has been a huge supporter of Beyond Boundaries Academy, both with his words of encouragement and his practical suggestions. We are very grateful for his commitment to playing a significant role on our team and we are excited to have him onboard as a Program Ambassador.

"As I've travelled to over 40 countries and been in some of the most poverty stricken parts of the world. It's obvious that we need more programs like Beyond Boundaries Academy to help children and their communities develop. Their focus on sustaining long term and committed support to the children is what will really make a difference in the world." ~ Will


John O'Brien

After joining Ajax Amsterdam, John became one of the first Americans to earn a starting spot with a major European team. John represented the US at the Olympics as well as two World Cups, even scoring a goal in a win over Portugal in the World Cup. We were excited when John agreed to participate in a fundraiser camp with us and he was a magnet for kids after the camp as he spent time interacting with parents and signing autographs for the kids. John has a passion for working with kids and is committed to seeing soccer used as a vehicle for reaching children. We are thrilled to have him on our team as a Program Ambassador.

“In my experience, soccer at its purest is self-expression in a social domain. The activities in and around soccer can promote positive experiences building communities from the inside out and the outside in. Places where organized play does not exist, or is not allowed for youth, are places that foster a narrowed version of life, one that ultimately does not promote success and smiles for all those involved. Games are essential in narrowing gaps, bridging differences, and opening hearts to people and places. My experience with Beyond Boundaries Academy has convinced me that they fully embrace soccer as a platform to promote positive experiences for youth and community growth! Good luck to all participants!” ~ John


Jon McCullough

A decorated veteran of the US Coast Guard, Jon is also an athlete in the sport of soccer. Jon represented the United States, playing for the US Men's Paralympic soccer team for 12 years. Jon is presently serving another term as the Chair of the Athlete Council with the US. Soccer Federation. In this role he has helped to connect Beyond Boundaries Academy with a number of high profile athletes. He is committed to empowering athletes and has successfully used soccer as a platform for conflict resolution. Jon is a committed spokesperson for a number of amazing organizations connected to soccer, and we are very excited to have him on our team as a Program Ambassador.

“The sport of soccer is a global game. There is a reason the sport is the most popular one in the world, not only for the product you get on the pitch, but the message it carries off the field of play when looking at health, fair play, and being passionate about what you believe in. Beyond Boundaries Academy is an organization that sees the big picture of the sport, and has actually done the work to make a difference both domestically and internationally. They are recognized with high regard within our Athlete Council for the amazing work they do. I am thrilled to be a Program Ambassador for them and look forward to see the sustainable difference they will make in the future for the sport of soccer in years to come.” ~ Jon


Greg Griffith

Director of Development for the US Soccer Foundation. The U.S. Soccer Foundation is a leader in sports-based youth development, engaging low income urban children with nationally recognized programs that provide health and social benefits through soccer. Greg has been instrumental in helping us secure equipment donations by connecting us with PASSBACK, as well as serving as an advisor to us on several occasions. He has also directly referred us to a number of other ambassadors on this list. Despite a busy schedule, Greg is a great example to all of us of ways to become involved with projects that you deem to be worthwhile. Thank you Greg for taking the time to contribute to our success and be a part of our Ambassador team!