Peru: April 2012

The academy has already become an AWARD WINNING organization. We were ecstatic to learn that they were recently named the Top Soccer Academy in the Peruvian Amazon region. Leonardo was also named the top director by the 2012 National Award committee. This award is a huge encouragement and an affirmation that the academies are able to have a significant impact on communities.

About Leonardo: Director of the academy in Peru

From an outside perspective it is easy to assume that Leonardo’s soccer life culminated in a professional career that was highlighted by the opportunity to walk out onto the pitch wearing a Peruvian National team jersey. The honor of representing one’s country in a sport that you are passionate about is a feeling that most sports enthusiasts can only wistfully dream about. For most, that would be the pinnacle of a lifetime, the signal for Leo that he had arrived at the end of a miraculous rise from the destitute and humble beginnings of his poverty-stricken neighborhood, into the fame of being a recognizable public soccer hero, with a nickname that was familiar across the country.

The assumption that he feels the same way we would feel is incorrect. After spending time with him, it becomes obvious that Leo has always chosen to pursue a vision that extends far beyond 90 thrill packed minutes inside the white chalk lines of a soccer pitch. My experience observing the Academy and hearing Leo’s (the director) vision, conclusively points to the fact that right now Leo is enjoying the culmination of his lifelong dream. A twinkle in his eye as he recounts his days playing competitively gives a hint to the fact that he misses playing soccer on its biggest stages, but he is also full of a palpable joy in his life that is a result of a fulfillment that fame and prosperity can’t touch. It was an honor to represent so many people who contributed to helping this man bless up to 160 kids in his camps every week.


What did your sponsorship and individual contributions go towards?

  • -Over 110 soccer balls of varying age appropriate sizes
  • -Easily recognizable collared shirts for the staff
  • -personalized materials with Academia Leonardo Uehara logo and name
  • -breathable coaching jerseys
  • -10 pop up goals
  • -7 ball pumps
  • -7 ball bags
  • -coaching binders
  • -translated curriculum
  • -dry-erase coaching boards
  • -160 disc cones
  • -70 tall cones
  • -business management course
  • -instructor training
  • -and much more.

Leo now has the tools to reach countless more children! My hope and prayer is that the team behind me that sponsored the balls, goals, shirts, pumps, bags, whistles, cones etc.. can somehow see what I saw through the ink on this page, and feel the contagious excitement that was permanently tattooed across the faces of of every child involved with that academy!

LIST OF 2012 Donors:

    $500+ Executive Donors

  • Erwin & Connie Braun (Family)

$100+ Special Donors

  • Dan Archibald Family
  • Ruth Brewington Lovin
  • Ian Stover
  • Philip Howlett
  • Brandon Crane
  • Cam Lee
  • Christoph & Philipp Blaschitz


Rwanda: July 2013

We will be working with the staff of a school called Wellspring Academy. The school currently has approximately 500 children enrolled, with an expected growth of 20% over the next 18 months.

The work that Wellspring is doing is amazing, training and developing teachers as well as providing a high level educational opportunity to hundreds of children each year. Our soccer academy will serve as a sustainable revenue stream that will serve the school for many years to come.

We will be organizing the training of a staff to run a sustainable soccer academy that will serve as (a) revenue generator for the school, and (b) a model for teaching other schools how to incorporate character development and skill training into the same lesson plan.

Rwanda Vision:

To have a positive impact on kids around the world through the platform that soccer has given to us. We want to connect parents and kids enrolled here in our companies in North America with our international projects to help bridge gaps between North American children and children growing up in developing communities.


Nigeria: 2014?

Stay tuned for more information