Meet the team

JoBen Barkey

Program Director & Ambassador Coordinator.

I have a passion for kids and am excited every day that I get to use the platform of soccer to reach children. My business partner and I started up several Soccer Shots franchises that use soccer as a tool for teaching kids soccer skills but also character development lessons each week.

Our goal is to continue to grow our organization to the point where we are able to better help others use soccer, in developing countries, to reach kids in much the same way that we do here in North America.

I am married to Amanda Barkey and together we have three children: Asher (3yrs old), Judah (2yrs old), and Mishalya (newborn). My business partner and I grew up together in Peru as childhood friends.

Seth McKennon

International Academy Management Training Director

I was born in Lima, Peru and like most South Americans I have been playing soccer since the age of 4. I played with semi professional teams in Peru and then collegiately with Moody in Chicago.

I have worked extensively with youth soccer over the last 13 years. I have a strong desire to impact kids and am excited about our model for influencing developing communities in a sustainable way.

JoBen and I are partners in all our business ventures, and have been friends since we met in Peru when we were just 2 years old. Significant overhead savings are possible because we are committed to not taking a paycheck for any of our Beyond Boundaries Academy services.


Support Staff

We are a family run organization. We are extremely grateful for the support that our families have given to us, including our extended “Peru Family” who played a big role in our childhood, and continue to be some of our strongest relationships and biggest supporters. THANK YOU!

We are grateful to the many people who continue to come alongside us and partner with us by joining us in gifting their services and skills to this project.

We want to specifically thank Jonatan Saine, our web designer, who has worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life. He provides us with a great example of self sacrifice and support that is necessary for projects like this to succeed. Even though not all of us are able to take gifts to children in underprivileged circumstances, Jonatan shows us that by donated our time and expertise we can still have a large positive impact on those in need. Your gift will continue to help us for many years to come, Thank You!

About us

Our Vision

After first contributing to 2 projects that were coordinated by Global Goals, a Soccer Shots Franchising initiative, we decided to launch our own non-profit that was designed to fit with our vision for a sustainable impact on the character development of young children in the form of donated soccer academies. For our pilot project we sponsored a previously poorly equipped soccer academy called Academia Leonardo Uehara in South America. We were able to raise donations and support through our many soccer connections and friends. We ran training sessions for their existing coaches, Academy business management classes for the director and office staff, and we ran two weekend camps while in Peru. We also were able to increase their soccer ball count up from 11 deflated soccer balls by bringing 120 brand new balls down to the Academy. We also outfitted them with coaching uniforms and other equipment to ensure that they would be able to offer this academy for many years to come.

Our vision included being able to provide our supporters with the tax benefits of becoming team members with a non-profit. We launched Beyond Boundaries Academy as a project under the umbrella of a non-profit sponsor company called Interlink Ministries Inc. We are considered a “Special Project” and are approved on a rolling project by project basis .

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Our Partners

Working closely with likeminded organizations: Soccer Shots, US Soccer Foundation: Passback.

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